Exceptional People Creating a World Class Resort Experience.


We are a dynamic, responsible and caring family working with pride and commitment to become the standard of excellence in our community. We consistently provide the ultimate in personalized service within an environment of “Gemütlichkeit”. We are a team-oriented and diverse workplace providing stability and opportunities for growth to our employees. We are a highly rated, regarded, and financially successful hotel.


S = “Small is beautiful” (warmth, intimacy & attention to detail)

M = Memorable (lasting, enjoyable times)

I = Integrity (we will be ethical, open minded and fair)

L = Leadership (leading the way in service, community, diversity and sustainability)

E = Excellence (consistently exceeding expectations)

What is Gemütlichkeit?

You’ll hear this beloved German word often around the Sonnenalp. While not easily translated into the English language, it encapsulates all that we try to provide to both our employees and guests on a daily basis. It conveys a message of hospitality and warmth. The idea that everyone is family.


The Sonnenalp welcomes diversity! Employees come from all over the country and from around world.  Diversity is important to us and our guests, therefore, embracing cultural differences is pivotal to the success you will have at the Sonnenalp Hotel.


We’re Colorado nature lovers. The environment we live in is of prime importance to us, therefore we pursue practices and initiatives that help us protect the environment and support the communities in which we live and work. Ultimately, we measure success not only by profitability, but also by how our actions impact our community and environment.

Our Green Star Committee is committed to ensuring we limit our waste and minimize our impact on the Earth. The Sonnenalp’s policies focus on energy conservation, water conservation, waste management, carbon footprint management, and sustainable purchasing. The Sonnenalp recently won the the Best Diversion Rate in 2020 with a 84% diversion rate.

Community Involvement

Our employees are committed to our guests, but also committed to the community, giving over 1000 volunteer hours to Vail & Eagle County each year. We create family-oriented, enjoyable charitable events to encourage local participation to benefit our community for years to come. We are of the belief that we are not only giving back to our community but also building and fostering a strong team atmosphere built on caring for others. Some of our favorite events are the Annual Highway Cleanup, Adopt-a-Trail and the Sonnenalp Classic!